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Forbidden Activities
In our commitment to fostering a safe and respectful digital community for every user, we explicitly forbid certain behaviors on our platform. These are not limited to, but include:

Unlawful acts: Participating in or encouraging illegal acts such as scamming, cybercrime, hacking, or any activities considered illegal is firmly forbidden.

Bullying and offensive speech: Acts of bullying, discrimination, offensive speech, or threats based on aspects like race, ethnicity, gender identity, religious beliefs, or other protected traits are not allowed.

Infringement of intellectual property rights: The unauthorized utilization of copyrighted content and trademarks without explicit permission is prohibited.

Spam and fraudulent content: The dissemination of spam, distributing misleading information, or any form of unsolicited commercial messaging contravenes our policies.

Illegal entry: Gaining unauthorized access to other accounts, systems, or data, or attempting to breach our platform's security measures is strictly prohibited.

Harmful software: Sharing or distributing malware, viruses, or any harmful software is banned.
Invasion of privacy: Infringing upon the privacy of other participants, including unauthorized gathering or sharing of personal data, is disallowed.

Fake identities: Establishing fake or deceptive identities for the purpose of misleading or scamming is firmly banned.

Individuals found breaching these restrictions may be subject to relevant measures, including but not limited to, account suspension or cancellation, and, if required, legal action. Our priority is to ensure a respectful, safe, and secure environment for all users of our platform.

Welcome to BitGate! This contract outlines the general terms and conditions (hereinafter only “TERMS AND CONDITIONS”) relevant to the sale of tickets, gift cards, and related experiences available through the BitGate website (hereinafter, the “WEBSITE”), owned by BITGATE (hereinafter, the “OWNER”).

Anyone interested in accessing or using the site or its services must agree to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, including the policies and principles outlined in this document. Accordingly, anyone who does not agree to these terms and conditions is advised not to use the WEBSITE and/or purchase the products and services offered.

The following terms are defined as follows:
Ticket: This term denotes the document that is purchased and allows entry to a soccer game, event, or tournament.

Gift card: This is a prepaid card or certificate that can be exchanged for products, experiences, or services.

Ticket provider: This entity facilitates access to soccer games, events, or tournaments via the sale of tickets.

Gift card provider: This entity makes gift cards or vouchers available for purchase, which can be used towards events or related experiences.

Additional experiences: These are event-related services or associated experiences provided by service entities. They are separate from ticket or gift card purchases and may involve extra fees or charges.

Booking: This is the act of buying tickets, soccer tickets, gift cards, or related experiences. A booking is finalized once payment is confirmed.

Service provider: This refers to the organization that delivers the purchased services, including ticket providers, gift card providers, or providers of other related experiences.

Services: These include the sales and purchases of tickets, gift cards, or any other experiences offered through our website, in line with these terms.

Total price: This is the complete price shown just before buying tickets, gift cards, or related experiences, inclusive of any added services chosen during the booking.

BitGate TRAVEL wallet or simply wallet: This is the wallet linked to your account on the website, where your deposited funds or otherwise acquired funds are kept.

Website: This refers to the website found at BitGate and all its related subdomains.

The aim of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS is to govern access to and utilization of the WEBSITE, which encompasses any form of content, product, or service made available to the public under the BitGate domain.

The OWNER retains the authority to alter, without any prior notification, the layout, content, functionalities, products, services, and settings available on the WEBSITE. Thus, the USER understands and agrees that BitGate may, at any moment, halt, disable, or eliminate any components of the WEBSITE or access to them.

USER access to the WEBSITE is provided free of charge, with the only cost being that of the internet connection supplied by the USER's service provider.

The user
By accessing our website, you consent to utilize it solely for lawful purposes and in accordance with these terms, any further agreements with us, and all applicable legal regulations, practices, and industry standards. Unauthorized use of our website or services for ticket resale, fraudulent activities, or any conduct violating laws is expressly forbidden.

Any action that might damage the website or impede its normal operation, availability, or accessibility is strictly prohibited.

We reserve the right to change or cease access to the website or its services at our discretion, temporarily or permanently, without liability to you or any third party for any changes, suspensions, or discontinuances of access or use of the website or any services related to the sale of soccer tickets or the issuance of gift cards.

Warranty and liability policy
This website and all its content, including soccer ticket sales, gift cards, and related experiences, are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis, potentially containing inaccuracies or typographical errors. We categorically disclaim all warranties, explicit or implied, concerning the content's availability, accuracy, or completeness related to ticket sales or gift card dealings.

We do not warrant that:
- The website or its content will fulfill your requirements.
- The website will operate without interruptions, timely, securely, or without errors.

Within the content, users might encounter hyperlinks to other pages or websites. These links are provided to inform users about additional resources related to events or gift card experiences. Users acknowledge that BitGate bears no responsibility for the content, functionality, accessibility, data management, or privacy measures of such external sites. Thus, users accept that navigating to these sites through the links is done at their own risk and responsibility.

Ticket Sales: It is the users' responsibility to adhere to all guidelines and regulations stipulated by the ticket provider. The acquisition of tickets is contingent upon the ticket provider's terms and conditions, which may include limitations on resale or transfer. BitGate serves purely as a marketplace for ticket sales and holds no liability for any discrepancies or complications related to the actual events, games, or tournaments.

Gift Card Sales:Through the website, users have the opportunity to buy gift cards or vouchers for soccer-related goods, experiences, or services. These gift cards are governed by the specific terms and conditions of the gift card issuer, including expiry dates and restrictions on use.

Additional Experiences:The website may offer users the chance to buy extra experiences linked to soccer events or matches. These offerings might come with added costs or handling fees, distinct from the purchases of tickets or gift cards.

The total price of your booking is confirmed only after the full payment through wallet and selected cryptocurrencies. Our accepted payment methods exclusively include wallet and a curated list of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Payments: The purchase of tickets, gift cards, or related experiences is confirmed with the full settlement of the total price via our approved payment methods. Cryptocurrency transactions are finalized and verified upon receiving the necessary confirmations from the blockchain network.

Should the product you chose be unavailable and we propose an alternative, your payment method will be charged only if you agree to the new offer and the rate provided. If you decline the alternative option, your payment method will not be charged.

Please be assured that any personal information you provide in relation to your purchase will be securely protected with our privacy measures.

The design, all types of content, databases, tools, applications, software, and additional elements are safeguarded by both international and national laws concerning intellectual property. Consequently, any use, duplication, public dissemination, availability, modification, distribution, leasing, public borrowing, and importation, whether in full or in part, across printed, digital, or any other known or future formats, is forbidden without prior explicit written consent.

Trademarks, logos, names, emblems, slogans, and other unique signs belong to the company, and their reproduction, either wholly or partially, is forbidden without regard to commercial use. To utilize any of these distinctive signs or site content, you must obtain prior explicit permission.

Our website pledges to safeguard your privacy and the security of the personal data you entrust to us. This privacy policy outlines our practices for collecting, utilizing, and protecting your personal information during your visit to our website or while utilizing our services. By entering our website or engaging with our services, you consent to the procedures detailed in this document.

We may gather personal information you provide to us for delivering our services. We might also automatically collect data through cookies and other tracking technologies (for more information, please see our Cookie Policy).

We implement suitable security measures to shield your personal data against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. However, the complete security of information transmitted online cannot be assured. You also have a critical role in securing your data.

Your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties, except under the following conditions:
- With your explicit consent.
- As required to offer our services.
- To adhere to legal obligations.
- To defend our rights, privacy, safety, or property, and those of our users or the public at large.

Our Mission

Unveiling the Core of Our Mission in Marketing.

Our mission is to revolutionize the marketing landscape by empowering businesses with innovative solutions and strategic insights. We are committed to driving positive change in the industry, providing our clients with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve unprecedented success. Our mission goes beyond business; it's a dedication to fostering growth, creating value, and making a lasting impact.

Vision is to redefine the future of marketing through innovation, creativity, and technology. We envision a world where businesses can seamlessly connect with their audience, delivering personalized and meaningful experiences at every touchpoint. Our vision drives us to continuously push the boundaries of what's possible, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning.

Our goal is to empower businesses of all sizes to succeed in dynamic and competitive landscape. We are committed to providing innovative solutions and unparalleled support that drive tangible results and foster long-term growth. Our goal is to be a trusted partner for our clients, guiding them through every stage of their marketing journey with expertise, integrity, and dedication. Whether it's increasing brand awareness.

Core Values

Heart and Soul of Core Values.

We believe in fostering a culture of collaboration and respect, where every team member contributes to the collective success of our mission.

Good Collaboration

We thrive on good collaboration. It's the heartbeat of our success, where diverse minds converge to create solutions that transcend expectations.


We believe in the open and the honest communication, ensuring clarity in every interaction. From our processes to our partnerships, transparency.

Great Initiative

We celebrate the great initiative as a catalyst for progress. We encourage and recognize the proactive spirit of that the propels us forward.

Core Features

Seamless and Powerful: Uncover Our Core Features.

Unleash precision marketing with innovative tools that seamlessly integrate intelligence into every facet.

Alexandra Miller

Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Technology Officer

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Chief Marketing Officer

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Director of Content Strategy

Sophia Hernandez

Lead Product Designer

Mr. James Parker

Senior Data Analyst

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Frequently Asked Questions

Comprehensive FAQ Guide for Your Queries.

We understand that AI marketing can raise questions. But if you don’t find your questions, just contact with us.

What is the primary benefit of using your AI marketing tool?

The primary benefit of our AI marketing tool lies in its ability to revolutionize your marketing strategy. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, the tool enhances data-driven decision-making, automates processes, and personalizes campaigns.

What level of customer support do you provide to users?

The primary benefit of our AI marketing tool lies in its ability to revolutionize your marketing strategy. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, the tool enhances data-driven decision-making, automates processes, and personalizes campaigns.

Can your tool integrate with other existing marketing platforms?

The primary benefit of our AI marketing tool lies in its ability to revolutionize your marketing strategy. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, the tool enhances data-driven decision-making, automates processes, and personalizes campaigns.

Is there a free trial available, and how can I sign up for it?

The primary benefit of our AI marketing tool lies in its ability to revolutionize your marketing strategy. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, the tool enhances data-driven decision-making, automates processes, and personalizes campaigns.

How secure is the data processed by your AI marketing tool?

The primary benefit of our AI marketing tool lies in its ability to revolutionize your marketing strategy. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, the tool enhances data-driven decision-making, automates processes, and personalizes campaigns.